CALIBER: cal – i – ber ‘kaləbər’ / noun

The quality of someone’s character or the level of someone’s ability.

Caliber Coaching builds on the existing strengths of the team and the individuals involved. We help guide your team to break through any ineffective patterns, clear communication, and construct a stable foundation for creativity. We do this by using a combination of experiential teaching techniques, group coaching, as well as individual coaching. At Caliber Coaching, we help catapult teams to the next level.

Our specialized approach is to co-create with every individual of your team with the goal of promoting co-operation. This starts with an understanding that not everyone thrives under the same processes. We emphasize and encourage individuality while constructing a mutual language and interactive systems that allows big ideas to flourish and onerous tasks to be completed on time.

We provide professional guidance and nurture to all members of your team and help them to recognize their stake in the common vision.

This proven approach increases productivity and creates a positive team culture that results in a sustainable high performance system. Your team awaits.

Caliber-Effective Teams will have:

Shared vision between the organization, the team leader, and all team members.

Trust within the team.

Co-created expectations and co-established guidelines for performance.

Open communication and team conflict resolution skills.

System thinking that respects the whole organization.

Personal leadership.

Mutual respect for all team members.

High levels of accountability.

An ongoing drive for learning and completion of assigned tasks.

A team orientation for mentoring others.